Leather Care

Cuir Care Technology is an Australian company that specialises in upholstery leather maintenance and leather care. All of our leather cleaning products are developed and produced here in Australia.

Cuir Care is in constant contact with the tanning industry which enables us to manufacture superior and effective leather care kits and leather maintenance systems.

When it comes to Leather Cleaning Products we strongly suggest not to use any Leather Cleaning Products that contain Bees Wax or other silicone additives in them because they will damage clothing and upholstery leathers reducing their life use.

Upholstery leathers and clothing leathers are manufactured under a different process than other leathers such as belt, shoe or saddlery leathers. These other leathers are produced to perform under harsh conditions or stress where the feel of the leather is not a particular issue to the user. The Leather Cleaning Products for these leathers will contain Bees Wax and silicones because this is what these leather need to be preserved for longer usage.

However upholstery and clothing leathers require a complete different leather care system and different Leather Cleaning Products on them.

These leathers are produced and refined to make them soft to the touch therefore the leather cleaning products need to effectively clean but not damage the leather. Upholstery leathers that are used in lounge furniture, automotives and luxury boats all require a conditioning creme on them as part of this leather care system. The Leather conditioner prevents the leather from drying and cracking and leaves the leather soft and supple to the touch. This is extremely essential for lounge furniture because of the frequent use but also equalli essential in automotive and boating environments as these environments tend to be extremely hot and harsh.

Our Leather Conditioner is a tannery grade conditioner which means that it is the same Leather Conditioner that is used by tanneries during the final tanning process. Leather retains up to 60% of it’s moisture content after the tanning process and it is this moisture content that provides the leather with most of it’s soft supple feel.

Do not leave your precious leather to all purpose cheap so called leather cleaners, especially the ones that contain Bees Wax or Silicone.

We have developed what we believe is the most effective gentle leather care system that will remove even the most stubborn dirt while not affecting the protective layer of the leather.