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Leather Care Products

With the advent of affordable leather furniture flooding the markets from China there has been an ever growing demand for  after market leather cleaners.


Whilst the easiest and probably the cheapest way to clean upholstery leather is with warm water mixed with a mild soapy solution leather care products do have a very important factor in them over the above method.

For startes the cleaners are developed and designed not to be harsh on the protective coat of the upholstery leather something that all purpose leather cleaners or household cleaners generally don’t do. In fact most soaps and even the mildest of household cleaners tend to contain ethanol or some solvent based property.


These solvent based properties are great for removing grease and dirt off hard surfaces like tiles and benches but if used on upholstery leather they will degrade and damage it in no time.


So a specific upholstery leather cleaner is somewhat of an insurance that will ensure your leather furniture is taken care of and will not be damaged.


The othe radvantage of factory made leather care products is that they not only take dirt and grease off the leather but the conditioners put moisture content back in to the leather kepping the leather soft and supple to the touch.


Moisutre content also prevents the leather from drying up and cracking. Whilst new upholestery leather do no need this treatment for the first few months in hot humid or tropical conditions cleaning the leather regularly is a must in order to prevent the leather from drying up or from body oils building up on the surface.

So if you are looking to clean your new leather lounge remember, you can do so at viurtually no cost by using a warm water soapy solution ( nappy soap flakes are the best) but you do risk the leather not getting the proper treatment in the long run.


Another word of caution stay clear of all purpose leather cleaners that contain bees wax or any kind of silicone compounds there are made for belt or shoe type leathers and are NOT suitable fro upholstery leather.