Extending Your Fabric Lounges Life With A Fabric Protector

There is no doubt that Fabric protection plays an important part in maintaining and extending the life of your carpets and upholstery.

Fabric protection should be applied by a professional. When a fabric protector is applied correctly your fabrics will last longer, and stay cleaner for longer. Your favourite upholstered lounge or carpets will also be easier to clean as the protector provides a barrier against spills and stains before they become a problem.

So how does a fabric protector work?

When applied correctly a fabric protector works because of two basic things…

1. A fabric protector increases surface tension:

This means that any liquid spilt on a fibre will have difficulty penetrating the surface of the fibre. When spills can’t penetrate the fibre, clean up becomes easier and staining is avoided.

2. A fabric protector is a coating mechanism:

A fabric protector’s fluorochemical polymer stain shield penetrates and coats the fibre. The strength of bonding and length of protection may vary from product to product. Correct application is important to ensure the entire fibre, from the top to the bottom, has been treated in order to deliver the maximum benefits.

Important: Regardless of warranties or marketing claims, no fibre protector is 100% bulletproof. If
spills are not cleaned up immediately or at least within a reasonable time frame, stubborn stains
may occur.