How to choose a lounge when you have pets


Dare Gallery general manager Patrick Doyle says there are some fabrics more suited to families with young children and people living with pets.

“The honest truth is that fabric and pets are not the best of friends,” he says.

“Whether it be a moulting dog or a sharp-clawed cat, pets can have a negative impact on fabrics.”

He says the macro suedes have been around for a while and they are probably the most resilient, with a very low pile and a bonded backing.

“They do cope with almost all lounge room challenges and are a soft, warm material to lounge on,” Patrick says.

“As a general guide, pet owners should look for a fabric that has a tight weave and low pile.

Adrianna suggests selecting a heavy domestic or commercial-grade material for high-traffic areas.

“Anything from 30,000 martindales and above (a measure of the durability of fabric), is suitable for a space with young children,” she says. “It is also preferential to select a fabric with synthetic properties, such as polyester, over a natural linen.”