Leather Care Cleaner

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250 ml leather cleaner enough to last 4 lounge cleans!


 Leather Care Cleaner


Our Leather Cleaner has been scientifically formulated to maintain and restore the moisture balance to the leather which is vital to its longevity.
If leather is allowed to dry out which occurs within time the surface will eventually craze or crack. Our conditioner protector leaves a residual film, like tanners wax which is not visible to prevent damage to the protective seal.
Cuir Care Conditioners also contains a mold inhibitor so that your leather furniture will not be attacked by mould or fungi in case of high moisture or humidity climate.
All our Products are environmentally safe, non toxic and do not expire over time.
Anti Mould- For an allergy and safe home environment. Especially if you live in hot, humid or tropical conditions. Ensures peace of mind. Will inhibit mold growth.
Anti Bacterial For a hygienically safe home environment and allergy prevention.
Bio Degradable safe for the environment and gentle on your hands.