Fabric Protector 400 gm Spray Can

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100% Stain Repellent!!Easy to use ready to go 400 gram spray can ready to use on all your fabrics. dining chairs, curtains, furniture,carpets children's clothing such as caps and shoes.

Watch the brief video below see how a paper tissue treated with our fabric protector reacts to water!


 Fabric Protector


Cuir Care Fabric protector.Provides full protection and stain repellanency on fabrics leather and suede against oils, soda drinks lip stick, coffee, wine etc. Protect your fabric furniture against, soiling, coffee spills, blood stains, body oils or pet fluids.
The Cuir Care Fabric protector gives full stain protection against red wine stains, and red furniture cleaning stains.
The Cuir Care Fabric protection is very effective on carpets during high traffic and frequent staining and spilling occur such as in restaurants and other public places.
Our Quick dry 2 fabric protection is the fastest drying protector on the market, you can have your furniture back in place 15 minutes after it is applied.
Do it yourseld in 15 minutes with our fabric protector spray does not affect the feel of the fabric The Cuir Care Fabric Protector is ideal for protecting suede shoes from water and oil stains will protect leather jackets, fabric pillows, baseball caps, backpacks and anywhere you need fabric protected from spills and stains.